Your airplane seat of choice: window or aisle?

posted by Rebecca


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definitely the aisle, especially on a long flight -- much easier to get up, go to the bathroom, etc.

Posted By Jon,

I love the window! I like to see the ground so far beneath me and think to myself, "If I could jump out of this window at this height I could probably kill one of those cows down there!" Then I could go around heaven bragging that I once killed a cow with my bare hands, they would all sit in amazement, then I would drop the ultimate bomb on them and tell them how I did it. I would be heaven's bad ass.

Posted By joehall,

Window is the best, the view is always amazing, whether it's the ground far below, or beautiful cloud formations.

Posted By Volatile,

Both have their ups and downs, but the view out is often better than having an easier route to the bathroom, depending on the length of the flight of course

Posted By antoarts,

The aisle seat allows you to stretch into the aisle, as necessary, and the ceiling doesn't put a kink in your neck.

Posted By ashbuckles,

window exept on the way down... makes me nauseous

Posted By GinnyRavenclaw,

well ive never been on a plane... yet im going on 1 this summer to vegas but i would say the aisle i like the aisle on everything

Posted By alicecullenisawesome,

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