You would rather live in ...???

posted by t-wayne13_some1


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I choose penguins over scorpions.

Posted By Rebecca,

uuggh.....being stung by scorpions....rather with penguins...very true

Posted By AJwillchose,

I freaking hate being cold. That's why I live in California

Posted By CraigB,

The Middle Of Antartica, i like summer better than winter but i like sleeping in the cold && not in the warmth. Plus who doesn'tm love penguins.

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

i hate cold

Posted By Canada rocks,

ummm it gets realy cold in the desert at night

Posted By crystral777,


Posted By sweetwalrus,

Dude, the MIDDLE of Antarctica is like, impossible to live through! No sun, and pure ice for any period of time would kill you.
I choose LIFE.
Option of shade. Sure, theres heat, but there's vegetation.

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

middle of Antarctica, at least you have penguin friends

Posted By Royals27,

middle of Antarctica, at least you have water

Posted By Bethx,

hey its 50-50!<3

Posted By Bethx,

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