Witch One Is Prettier?


posted by Alazai


I Think Nikki Minja Is WAY Perttier!!!!

Debate It! 16


Posted By kylemacmac,


Posted By Royale07,

A really bad picture of Nicki was used... They are both beautiful

Posted By lekelly_,

i luv Nicki it was just the picture

Posted By deedee,

Fox is overrated and overused.

Posted By lockheed40,

love them but but on this pic mega

Posted By babyanzie,

nicki all day like

Posted By rayah girl,

who are you calling a witch?

Posted By Karla,

Umm .. There needs to be a better picture of Nicki Minaj cause this is why Mean fox is winning ! :$ Nicki Minaj all daay :)

Posted By JauneFleur9,

MEGAN FOX ! nikki or what eva is in the illumanati!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By kyletheheartless,

Learn correct spelling... but Nicki is a total hottie.

Posted By JstnDrn,

Megan Fox :)

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

nicki is hot

Posted By HumanNumber69,

Nicki is hotter, but Megan is so pretty *_*

Posted By Belieber, shawty ,

Nikki* d:

Posted By Belieber, shawty ,

Definitely Megan. I love a black haired beauty and I'm just not a fan of Nicki Minaj. And I know it looks like Nicki has black hair in this picture but most pictures I see of her are in wigs.

Posted By littledesi,

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