whos the worst singer?? justin bieber or justin bieber


posted by Hoops_Chick12


i HATE jb very much so vote thnx

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He's a very talented singer.

Posted By jmackk101,

he's talented for being the worst celebrity

Posted By Liaaa,

Lol haters make me laugh so much he CAN sing if couldn't then why would people buy his album. Haters say to me 'You only like him because you think he's hot' yes I think he's hot but I also think he is a good singer yeah like I'm really buying his album because I want to look at him!! Haters are just a bunch of jealous people who have no life!!

Posted By JB1DlovaticGLEE,

Those were some wise words. ??????

Posted By ArianaGrandeLover,


Posted By ArianaGrandeLover,

I mean those were some wise words.

Posted By ArianaGrandeLover,

Gosh it's just a joke guy calm down u justvwasted ur time writing that unnecessary long speech about job anh haterz

Posted By Hoops_Chick12,

That is true people only like him cuz he I cute in their case and u bought his album to hear how he use to sound like chipmunk but now he sounds like he is trying to someone he is not

Posted By Hoops_Chick12,

uhhhhh justin bieber has no talent thats why there are A LOT of haters on justin bieber because we have a reason to hate!!!! HES UGLY!!!!!! how the HELL do you think he is hot???? HE IS FUCKIN UGLY AS A FISH WHO GOT RAN OVER!!!! hahahahaha I'm so funny BUT I MADE A POINT!!!!

Posted By awesomeness12,

AWESOMENESS12 ur speech is amazing and it is the most truthful speech I have ever heard

Posted By Hoops_Chick12,

this is stupid

Posted By kawaiiii,

bet you would say lil wayne has talent though wouldnt you?

Posted By kawaiiii,

Lil Wayne has talent what do u mean?!? Justin bieber doesn't though lil Wayne owns young money cash money records he produces and raps he's AWESOME UNlike Justin bieber don't call me an idiot, cuz obviously most people don't like Justin bieber

Posted By Hoops_Chick12,

People do like him because he's hot, but he can sing too! If he wasn't as hot as he is now I doubt he'd be as famous as famous as he is now.. But I like him as a singer, I think he's pretty good.

Posted By Gagamusic,

get a life

Posted By angelestes11,

and no i'm not a jb fan i just hate having no choices. it just a waste of time.

Posted By angelestes11,

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