Who's The Most Annoying?

posted by gagalova


Debate It! 18


Posted By jemmababee13,

jb is gay

Posted By dianaxoxopp,

This...Was the hardest question I've ever came across. But I'll have to say Miley.

Posted By Aura4stars,


Posted By nrp,

tough question!!!

Posted By lillyluna,


Posted By MrCherryblossom,

wow good question but i'll have to go with mc. whitebread

Posted By heraldez77,

i hate both xD

Posted By jule,

I hate both of them, but NOTHING is worse than Justin Bieber. Not Miley Cyrus, not the Mini Pop Kids, not even Rebecca Black.

Posted By Thaliya,


Posted By chloe_cupcake,

bieber.sooooooooo fit!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Posted By rexxie,

Justin Bieber

Posted By AbbyMars,

i fucking hate beiber i rather blast montana in my ears than have beiber on my ipod at all

Posted By freaxshow,

Miley cyrus is a gay freak! her career is going no where. And justin bieber made 100 million dollars last year...so haha atleast he has success with what he does you jealouse haterz!

Posted By t3chnokitt3n,

Both of them r fake! BUT I'D HAVE 2 SAY err ...Cyrus!

Posted By chocofriday,

this is an idiot I do not see how you could love it was not even that you exist this is stupid JUSTIN BIEBER IT's idiot

Posted By daliati81200,

miley cyrus she posts pic of her naked on kid websties and the internet where kids type in her name plus she trys to act nice look nice but she is a ugly freak bitch luv u bieber

Posted By hayleeeeee xD,

both of them xD

Posted By KimberlyH,

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