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Debate It! 7

The girl on the left is prettier

Posted By Actionamy,

Nikki Sixx was a pretty girl too

Posted By AnubisibunA,

I like the robot shirt... but I agree with the two A's: both too feminine to be sexy in my opinion. Now gimme some hairy manly men!

Posted By Desiree,


Posted By chicachica0112,

Neither are sexy. I find them both very unattractive. :/
However, Nikki Sixx was not a female, and he has no relation to Andy Sixx. Andy Sixx is a poser who stole Nikki's name, and deserves to be shot. Nikki is a true hero, and you'll find that after his beginning years in Motley Crue, he did start to look a bit more manly. Please research up a bit more before you judge Nikki Sixx, because he's an amazing guy, and he's not at all feminine.

Posted By HoldYourHeadUpHigh,

six has one x not two

Posted By danielle_bvbbotdf,

I don't know the second one and the only reason I know the first one (Andy Sixx) is because I was arguing with someone because she thought he was hot and I didn't. :P
So neither.

Posted By iYoshi ,

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