who's cuiter

posted by suzy8599


Debate It! 5

Since I am a Male lol I can tolorate Bieber more then I could put up with Patterson acting I mean Fk'n up because You need talent to act "duh" lol

Posted By L.,

Justin is like 10 year old cute, Rpatz is grown man cute

Posted By wonderfulworld,

Rob = Cedric Diggory... (YES IM OBSESSED WITH HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!)

Posted By GinnyRavenclaw,

@Ginny Ravenclaw

Same reason why I voted for him mate.

Cedric Diggory is much better than that picture up there. But all and all Rob is better than Biebs all together.

Posted By AvaErezbetMalfoy_Pendragon,

i can't vote! i hate them both!

Posted By charcoalgreetings,

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