posted by Eminem_Luva


just pick who's better i prefer Eminem but it's ur opinion

Debate It! 8

I wish people would stop asking silly ToT's - Eminem is obviously better than ANYBODY you can think of!

Posted By Em4eva,

haha that was cute... what the hell is wrong with the 8% that think 50 is better

Posted By callytooright,

Peepz who chose 50, climb out from under the rock your living under!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By eminemandkesha,

deffinately eminem

Posted By molijn,

Of course Eminem! i cant believe theyre even being compared!

Posted By,

ya white power jk

Posted By littlegangsterchild10,

wooo eminem

Posted By nine,

Why are people even asking this questions? Eminem IS THE BEST OUT OF EVERYONE! Settled.

Posted By Albo,

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