Who's A Better Raper ?????

posted by jewlzbabz


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Why do you compare a true raper with something with boobs that makes noises. I mean Eminem is our King of white rapers and Nicki it's BAD really, really BAD, I mean NO good lyrics and she just can't rap , when i listened Stupid Hoe or whatever, i was like STOP THAT SH!T. So yeah I think that who voted Minaj has no taste in rap...Just Sayin'!

Posted By SmoothieX,

nicki atin't bad. but eminem is the best rapper of all time.

Posted By AliAlsuhail,

SmoothieX I so agree with you :) btw.. best raper?? o.O isn't it best *rapper?

Posted By dadeadpool11,

Nicki Minaj is complete shit, She doesn't even rap, she sings, Her music is meaningless, and she shouldn't even be signed to a record label. Not to mention she's completely fake. Her boobs, fake. Her face, fake. Her ass, fake. She needs to give up.

Posted By BringRachaelTheHorizon,

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