Who would you trust to watch over your belongings?


posted by thundercat832


Who would you let watch over your precious belongs while you were away?

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Wait, aren't these the same thing?

Posted By lockheed40,


Posted By thundercat832,

It's baby powder!

Posted By AnubisibunA,

Baby powder doesn't make your tongue go numb when you lick it lol

Posted By thundercat832,

Leave this here for fun:

Posted By Actionamy,

Actionamy that vid is hilarious!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

I choked on my damn gum!!!! lol

Posted By thundercat832,

Great video!Haha

Posted By mrsckstoll,

@Actionamy Holy crap! I love the dancing cats in the beginning.

Posted By matt,

I had to vote Lindsay just for the gender. Rest is a wash

Posted By Karla,

Oh and I voted for Lindsey. Better the devil you know and all that crap.

Posted By Actionamy,

Why do people have to keep ragging on crack? It's just misunderstood.

Posted By Johnny4,

That vid is amazing!!!

Posted By stech01,

no oneXD

Posted By MusicDor,

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