Who would you rather see in person (meet)

posted by purple pen


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Niether,the dead god of course,Jimi Hendrix!

Posted By BunnyWarrior66,

I was born in the wrong era,anybody with a working mind would want to have lived a happy life in the 1940's-1990,listening to the real music,nowadays its just 17-year olds talking about what they have "achieved". What they've achieved from me is nothing,and it's going to stay that way.

Posted By BunnyWarrior66,

I was definitely born in the wrong era but i've adjusted pretty well (Y) To be honest if i met miley cyrus it would take a lot of restraint not to beat her re-constructed smile into the ground >:D

Posted By Olivia_1994,

None!!!!! Both are equally bad!!!!!

Posted By Phoenix1992,

Justin Bieber....With a bat.

Posted By shortystephi,

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