Who would you rather party with?


posted by ev.morris28


It's a coin flip for me.

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I have a feeling partying with Charlie Sheen would be pure fun, whereas partying with Mickey Rourke would mean a decently high chance of broken bones or a jail cell by the end of the night.

Posted By Jon,

So you're vote is for Mickey then?

Posted By matt,

if you want the excitement of never knowing if the guy you're with is going to start punching you in the face at the drop of a hat then I'd say go with Mickey. If locking hookers in closets is more your speed Charlie is probably the best bet.

Posted By ev.morris28,

Mickey Rourke probably has some crazy stories, plus I loved his acceptance speeches when he did the awards circuit for The Wrestler. I'd party with him any day. Charlie Sheen just seems haggard and skeezy.

Posted By Rebecca,

If I can pick 9 1/2 Weeks Mickey Rourke...then ROWR (did I say that outloud?). If I have to take Wrestler Rourke I'll stick with Charlie. They are both a hot mess. Which is sometimes perfect for a fun-filled memorable night of partying!

Posted By zanvia,

Charlie Sheen most definitely. I mean he is not in and outta jail like Mickey Rourke! And i have been to jail, it sux. I just would not like to wake up from a night partying with Mickey and be in a jail cell with him....can you say AWKWARD? Imagine the conversation you could have in that cell You: "Uhh, what am i doing here?" and Mickey looks at you... Mickey:"Man, we had the night of a lifetime!" You:"If that is the case, why is my head bandaged and why do I have an IV in my arm?" Mickey:"Awww man, don't tell me you don't remember. Well, we......" Sooo awkward!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

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