Who would you rather have as president?


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Sarah Palin has a ways to to if she's serious about the presidency: More independents say they would vote for Charlie Sheen over her in a 2012 match-up, reports USA Today. Yes, that Charlie Sheen. Independents preferred Sheen to Palin 41%-36% in the survey by Public Policy Polling.

Obama, incidentally, prevails over Sheen among the same group 57%-22%.

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Palin Is a MILF on those reason alone I would vote her lol

Posted By L.,

Charlie Sheen is Winning!

Posted By SCL,


Posted By ohbehave,

i would rather have charlie we love your show and reruns have a lovely day good luck buddymiss you.

Posted By patricia williams,

Tiger blood, 'nuff said.

Posted By Toxic Frozt,

Anyone who would vote for Sheen over Palin needs to watch some tv that isn't 2 and a half stupid.

Posted By packratt,

sheen is a dick
does anyone watch the news?

Posted By jazzy11831,


Posted By JayMytton,

Sheen is a complete tosser. He was funny on two and a half men but now hes just an up himself dickhead.

Posted By Aaronks,

Charlie Sheen. 'Nuff said.

Posted By XxSiko619xX,

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