Who would you let use the bathroom?


posted by Johnny4


Recently, an Assistant Manger at a Minnesota McDonalds was fired for letting a man use the restroom. She was working the overnight shift, during which the restaurant lobby is locked. A man approached her at the drive thru window and asked if he could use the bathroom. She let him and was terminated for doing so. She was rehired after the local news ran her story--turns out the man was Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Should she have been fired? Would she have been rehired if the news hadn't featured her? What if it was Brett Favre? All would've been good questions, but here's what I went with: Who would you let use the bathroom? A famous person or a homeless person?

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See, you tell the famous person to NOT flush the toilet - say it is broke - but to use it anyway, as you were about to fix it... then bottle or jar up their business and sell it on eBay. You KNOW some idiot would buy it. No shame in that. The homeless person probably already went on or behind your abode anyway.

Posted By AnubisibunA,

Ok AnubisibunA, if you have a newsletter, sign me up immediately!

Posted By Actionamy,

this is so racism.

Posted By sofframsd,

A friend of mine works at a local convenience store, one day a mother and her teenage son came in looking to use the restroom. When told that there was no public restroom the mother became enraged and stormed out. End result...my friend had to clean up the explosive diarhea that was running down the side of the building and into the parking lot. Public defacation...not just for the homeless anymore.

Posted By Johnny4,

sad to see most of people voted for famous...

Posted By Billie123,

The ppl who vote for Famous r stupid Homless ppl shit and PISS in our rivers DUUUUUH!

Posted By Bieber_fiever,

^ Because they have nowhere else to, You're encouraging it ><

Posted By eureka898,

Personally I wouldn't let either one.

Posted By Mrsanantonio,

Only voted for homeless person cuz you put Adrian Peterson (I hate him) as the famous person. if you put LeGarrette Blount on the picture I would have voted famous person.

Posted By riley878787,

uh nobody is gonna go in my bathroom

Posted By ajc363,

ya i say neither. my bathroom be my bathroom.

Posted By meganlavada,

Do you think the McDonalds' employee would have done the same thing if it was homeless person instead of Adrian?

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Posted By polerberr,

neither. I'll give them some loo role and they can squat over the dog bin at the park.

Posted By Olivia_1994,

both i guess

Posted By bunny0974,

My bathroom is mine i dont want any one to use it!

Posted By awesomeness_peaches,


Posted By MusicDor,

neither!! i have trust issues but if i had to choose one, id choose famous person bcuz a homeless person might steal things and have crabs or something.. xD

Posted By PurpleMonkey,

It's a risk either way, but I can think of several famous people that would raid the medicine cabinet or swipe the family jewels (I won't name names) At least if the homeless person robs me, I can convince myself that it was out of necessity.

Posted By Johnny4,

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