Who Will Be Your Grandmother's Heart Attack: Lady Gaga or Ke$ha?


posted by lovecurry


Both of the women mentioned in the title have been, dare I say it, known for bad behavior. We all already know they can be equally crazy. The real question is: which one will kill someone first. Lady Gaga is basically a messed up Barbie doll that never made it to the market. Her clothes got warped in manufacturing, and her idea of class would shock people from downtown Detroit to Vegas. Her music videos could kill someone, if her music didn't first. Who could forget "LoveGame" and its touching morals? Basically, my grandmother's cold, dead vote would go to Lady Gaga. However, I can't speak for both sides of the family, can I? Ke$ha is the new and less improved version a shock always happening. She walks around in shorts tinier than most underwear, and she just can't keep her make-up brush under control. She does get a brownie point for endearing us with her catchy lyrics such as "everybody getting drunk, boys trying to touch my junk". Very classy. So who would kill your grandmother? Is it the paparazzi chased girl on the telephone having a bad romance? Or could it be the one who's not afraid to take it off and whose love is your drug?

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Madona'z been around for a while, why would lady gaga kill anyone? my grandmother is still up n well going 2 parties n comming back at like 6 in the morning....2 go 2 wk the next day..... LOL so i think Kesha will take the cake.

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

lolz diffentily ke$ha! she will kill me and herself! So moving on...

Posted By LadyGaga123,

KEsha boring!

Posted By J.e.s.s.m.w.a.h,


Posted By screambad123,

Lady GaGa

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

lady gaga over kesha shes horrible ewww!

Posted By rachiieeexxxx katy perry fan x,

lady gaga would make my grandma die just from looking at one of her outfits

Posted By polkadots1991,

Personally, I think Kesha is a slut and cant sing but has catchy lyrics and beats and i love singing her songs- and lady gaga is a wierdo seeking attention :P But it has to be kesha as her managers have made her like this as it gives her attention !

Posted By YouCallMeJessieJ,

That could be true about Kesha but you have no proof so you should stop thinking negative things about people.

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,


Posted By fajarbaru,

ke$ha is the worse singer on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By panda juice,

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