Who was the better President?

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I thought we finished this discussion here: http://thisorth.at/48e?u=33 Let me retort... Abe ended the nation's only civil war, ended slavery, created a national banking system, was a wrestler, was the tallest president, the first president with a beard, and owned several turkeys as pets. Washington had wooden teeth. End of debate.

Posted By joehall,

I guess I should have checked before I made this one.

Posted By lockheed40,

Yeah, joehall, actually leading an army on the battlefield in a war of independence, putting down the nation's first rebellion, setting a precedence for a set number of presidential terms that was eventually adopted as law later on, guaranteeing peace while European kings fought their own petty wars, staying above partisanship, embodying civic virtue and republicanism (not the party) in our country, these things count for nothing. NOTHING. Also, none of his teeth were wooden

Posted By jogden,

@jogden your mom's teeth are wooden.

Posted By joehall,

Washington also was the most humble out of all presidents. He was chosen to run the country and at first he did not want it. He was then thrust into the spotlight when he was VOTED into office.

Posted By Mr.Truther,

both were great in there own way and were exactly what the country needed at the time.

Posted By mcrforlife,

come now that is soooooo stupsd

Posted By alexiseg12,

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