Who is way better?


posted by Daviddbqwerty


many ppl questioned this.. now i can ask the world :D

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As far as i know, Jesus has never written for World Net Daily, so he gets my vote.

Posted By Actionamy,

now if Jesus had rocked a Stetson...

Posted By Karla,

What happened to Jesus's face?

Posted By diprince,

ur supposed 2 look at the pic then stair at a blank wall and you will see "jesus" ... or more so the image we perceive him to have...

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

Uh, neither?

Posted By Rebecca,

Too tough because when CHUCK NORRIS crosses the road.... cars look BOTH ways!

Posted By Bieber_fiever,

chuck norris is a pussy

Posted By bears8989,

^ Lol o gosh mon. whata big word lol

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

chuck norris , there is no one better

Posted By JimMorrison,

When Chuck Norris looks into the picture Jesus sees Chuck Norris.

Posted By Danielle505,

lol being catholic i feel bad voting for chuck but hes pretty friggin bamf

Posted By ih3artmusic13,

Who IS Chuck Norris? I've heard people talking about him, but don't know what he does. What does he do?

Posted By Neil13,

uhm tough choice

Posted By awesomeness_peaches,

@neil13... chuck norris does roundhouse kicks. he works out and kicks ass. when chuck norris does a push up, he doesnt go up, the world goes down..

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

look him up then go on utube and look for jokes :)

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

chuck norris got beat up by bruce lee jesus woulod've won well maybe

Posted By heraldez77,

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