Who is the best Rapper?


posted by EminemFan


ooh i just wanted to see how awesome Eminem's fans really are

Debate It! 69

Gee @eminemfan, I wonder which side you choose.

Posted By lockheed40,

that's tough -- pretty much the two best out there right now.

Posted By Jon,

Jon, are you nuts! Waka Flocka Flame is the epitome of lyrical excellence... *sarcasm*

Posted By AnubisibunA,

@lockhead40 yeah i wounder i think im going with lil wayne haahaa no way Eminem all the way

Posted By EminemFan,

@AnubisibunA now you did it, you got that song in my head! "girl I love the way yo booty go" -- catchy!

Posted By Jon,

"that's tough -- pretty much the two best out there right now." Not even close. "Popular" does not equal "best"

Posted By IFChris,

you cant beat Eminem lil wayne is just a gay twat

Posted By lukiepuky,


Posted By sydneyyy,

eminems the best

Posted By zahra,


Posted By GirlOfTheYear,

eminem,, mean lil wayne is good but eminem is better

Posted By macksgirlXD,

m&m rythmz are tight bt wezzy is cool n all

Posted By rage,

i respect both guys and i love young money so i wont b the on to vote

Posted By lilpim,

so is so fn tough

Posted By deedee,

lol 28% of the people who voted probably work for lil' wayne maybe he's a nice guy but overall, I'd have to say V.G. Varun best flow, best beats

Posted By jimmyjohnsonmicsmith,

soooooooooooo tough!!!!!!!! D.:

Posted By Bieber_fiever,

Non of them 2Pac is the best rapper his a Born Leader, Poetic and Legit Compared to theses..., But i'd say Eminem because he talks about proof and his life.

Posted By Moey,

Can't compare the two, but Eminem for me.... they both have a different style @Moey 2pac is poetic eminem aint so there is no comparison you can't even compare pac with B.I.G

Posted By Ella89x,

Wow, lots of comments on this one.

Posted By lockheed40,

Eminem all the way! <3 btw rage it's Weezy not Wezzy (I'm a fan of both of them)

Posted By Em4eva,

eMineM is tHa bOmb Yall

Posted By abby2cute,

well ofcourse its going to be eminem !

Posted By Eminemstheking01,

Em... All the way. He'd slaughter wayne on a diss track. plus wayne's talk bout non sense in almost every one of his songs. Em talks bout things that go on in life.. Like them both but Em for sure. Sumn 4 yall that didnt kno. Listen closely to Eminems song Seduction on his new Recovery album he goes at wayne the whole song. The girl is Hip-Hop. They call me fire marshall i shut the shit down. What does wayne call him self the FireMan. U jus gotta b able to connect the dots. Throughout the whole song. Actually listen 2 music... Ems da best... I would even compare him to Tupac but wouldnt say hes better

Posted By b_radceltics,

Eminem all the way! Best rapper eva!

Posted By Lexi16,

lil wayne is the best rapper alive -he said it himself.

Posted By t-wayne13_some1,


Posted By orgxnicminds,

why would you even compare eminem to him?

Posted By madalee,

Eminem, no question!!!

Posted By NicoleeAshton,


Posted By Xxwheeler12xX,

I love them both with a passion but i have to say Eminem on this one (L)

Posted By Niamh_óx,

Emniem all the way ! I mean most the time you can hardly hear a word lil wayne says so really there's no competition !

Posted By Matakaikutu,

durrr eminem hes the best WOOOOO!

Posted By haydenb19,

lil wayne u can barly understand what he says and also cause hes says young money a lot

Posted By Xxwheeler12xX,

eminem!!! for sure

Posted By What i think,

Thats a tughy cuzz not afraid and drop the world... But abviously EMINEM WILL FRICKING DOMINATE

Posted By terminators1109@gmail.com,


Posted By kalie,


Posted By dutchieex,

Eminem is reeeal, yea lil waynes got sum kool songs but its all bullshit, none of it even makes sense half the time

Posted By xxxbaronsoulxxx,

eminem all the way! ... lil wayne is okay but he doesnt give a true message in his songs like eminem does

Posted By sar123,

Aw how cute. All the white people come out the vote for Eminem.

Posted By bears8989,

eminemmm.....is....the best rapper EVERR!! i love him so much :) he hass to win!

Posted By ashley5,

they bolth the shit idk who to choose

Posted By killjj,

lil wayne is a stupid name and he makes no sense when hes rapping he should just stop..............eminem rulez :)

Posted By jprieto,

OMG y do u compare that unamed gay loard mother fucker with an angel .. emiinem all along

Posted By Yheminem,

eminem FTW!!!!

Posted By acooper,

Hard choice i love them both:/

Posted By KristinScottHoover,

eminem......... :PPP

Posted By david power,


Posted By jackw_094,

eminem killed lil wayne in every song they were together in... everyone knows that shit 2!

Posted By eminemkillz,

i like both but em all the way ftw

Posted By raeskies,

Lil wayne doesn't actually "rap". He just mumbles the same thing over and over again.

Posted By stephwoods,

EMINEM ALL THE WAY!!! No comparison! He is the best rapper there ever was, is, and will be!

Posted By Bharathy,

eminem is the best period

Posted By alanna mesecher,

lol... HI-larious.... how can u compare Lil Wayne to Em???????? O.o ..... Em is the shit now and forever!!! =D

Posted By zzlucaszz,


Posted By mohammed,

weezy is da shit but em is da best

Posted By iwinalways,

eminem is awsome

Posted By superman,


Posted By 20unicorn,

eminem is the best, but together they kick major booty

Posted By Mr.Truther,

lol Lil wayne about 18%
Eminem is the best rappper ever

Posted By Fernando Castillo,

@Ella89x Eminem is so freakin poetic and @Moey 2Pac is abeast but not compared to Eminem em spits better lyrics faster and clearer rymes everythin is alot better on em's side compared to 2pac srry

Posted By Avery Steiner,

Eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH! LOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE HIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By J.e.s.s.m.w.a.h,

they are both LITERALLY the best of the best that's left out there. The only difference is COLOR and Eminem is SOBER!...now.

Posted By thundercat832,

Eminem, hands down

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

weezy all the way

Posted By HumanNumber69,

i hate how people say eminem is real he just barely started being real the whole time in his career was unserious ans stupid and now with his recovery u people think hes amazing at least lil wayne is being real and em is just faking

Posted By HumanNumber69,

it depends oldor new eminem cause new eminem sucks

Posted By heraldez77,

ooo almost forgot all lil wayne sucks

Posted By heraldez77,

I hate Lil Wayne

Posted By littledesi,

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