who is the best ?

posted by lily c x


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I prefer shakira because she can dance like a godess and her music isnt so bad to dance to. Beyonce's music mostly annoys me, but I dont HATE her, shes allright.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

Ehh.. Both, I dunno

Posted By Gleeluver2000,

MarieP, you don't like much music artists, do you?

Posted By Gleeluver2000,

I don't like many CONTEMPORARY POP artists, you are right. But saying I don't like much music artists would be the most ridiculous statement ever because I have over 20 thousand songs on my itunes, I own over 500 CDs, vynils and live DVDs of shows. I am a music fanatic like you have never known, I listen to music of any genre from any time from the 1920 to today, as well as alot of classical music from before. I just don't like the music teenagers like so much nowadays. There are exceptions, I appreciate Rihanna a bit because of her attitude and her music makes people move. I like Lady Gaga because she is a real piano virtuoso and her voice is bluesy, I only started liking her when I looked at acoustic videos of her that truly show her talent. I don't like Shakira's music much, just a few songs, but she is a godess of baladi. I love Jessie J's voice, she's very powerful and writes good songs, although her first album is far from perfect, she's capable of better. Christina Aguilera has a nice voice but I only like a few songs.

Here are a few (this is a tiny sample) of the artists I like most: Elton John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Billy Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, REM, Yelle, La Roux, The Smiths, Morrissey, Robyn, John Frusciante, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Our Lady Peace, Nina Simone, Marina and the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Adele, Goldfrapp, Elvis Presley, Dire Straits, Foo Fighters, Chopin, Beethoven, Thaickovsky, Feist, Eminem, Satie, Elliott Smith, Dinah Washington, The Cure, Bran Van 3000, Biffy Clyro, Bat for Lashes, Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Solomon Burke, Billy Idol, Caroline Keating, The Cranberries, MGMT, George Michael, Oasis, Ani Difranco, Fiona Apple, Coco Rosie, Blue Foundation, Rick James, Kool & The Gang, Sade, Eric Clapton, TLC, Portishead, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Def Leppard, Bob Dylan, Vanessa Paradis, Jean Leloup, Tears for Fears, Massive Attack, Offenbach, Paula Abdul, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Papa Roach....

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

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