Who is smarter?

posted by jake1998


Debate It! 7

just p h

Posted By fajarbaru,

Hahaha awh this is awesome!! Defently "this lady".

Posted By MetalRach,

easy this lady coz evryone know tht paris hilton is thicker than pig shit lol

Posted By blondy101,

any one is smarter than hilton

Posted By heraldez77,

Paris hilton is beautifful but not in this pic

Posted By imthebest<3 lolz,

TBH Hilton isn't a fuck whit. She may have used 'daddy's money' but she started up her own fashion and fragrance lines as well as managing all her shows. Simple life was staged. Seriously the things you people say on this website you don't get to judge stupidity XL

Posted By Olivia_1994,


Posted By tankdude8,

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