Who is prettier, me or Jedda?


posted by JennaMariee


Okay, so Jedda thinks I am and I think she is.. so I did this to decide. Please vote/comment (:

Debate It! 7

You, babeh.

Posted By Lucidium,

i think you are

Posted By Kayla_Ann,

Thanks :)

Posted By JennaMariee,

You guys look the same, toss Jedda's hair to the other side and throw some more makeup on her, and I'd never guess you were two different people

Posted By FABKilljoy3,

Is that good or bad?

Posted By JennaMariee,

um are you twins? cos I can't really tell...you're both pretty...but Jedda's naturally beautiful cos it looks like she has no make up on

Posted By tashums,

No, we're not twins
And she doesn't have makeup on

Posted By JennaMariee,

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