Who is better?


posted by reuby3


Definitely Taylor but lets see what you think...

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Kanye West was horrible to Taylor!

Posted By soapyliedown,

it depends on what you mean. attitude or music? attitude? taylor. Music? im my opinion kayne west. In general? Kayne west. everyone makes mistakes. some are more careless than others. Even though shit happens, there is always a good side. knowing this, my vote here goes to kayne.

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

i mean both combined, in my opinion taylor is better both ways, because she is good and writes her own music and sings without autotune and all that.

Posted By reuby3,

i dont like d 2 of dem so im not picking any1!

Posted By purplepumkin,

taylor swift kanye old east is a gay fish

Posted By salamesho@hotmail.ca,

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