Who is a better singer, Ke$ha or Justin Bieber?


posted by ShaysterBabyy96


Pick who is a better singer.

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Well they both suck, but because of We R Who We R i have to pick Ke$ha.

Posted By chris7,

I pick neither they both suck

Posted By aerosmiles,

Ke$ha is awesome!

Posted By Jon,

I only like JB cuz hes hot!

Posted By J.e.s.s.m.w.a.h,

Kesha is the only non faggot choice of the two so her :) and her songs are better

Posted By Someoneudontknow,

@Someoneyoudontknow, You're an idiot.

Posted By Actionamy,

I like Kesha's songs better, but her songs are really autotuned. Whereas JB had original vids put up on youtube that show that he actually has a great voice.
JB's the better singer.

Posted By Trickelz,

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