who is a better singer?


posted by ella.fay


cher lloyd!! xx

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Im not a big fan of either but cher lloyd's songs sound as if she has wrote them and she has her own style, when listening to cheryl cole you could be listening to anyone, she needs an identity!! Also I have seen both of them sing on the tv, cher lloyd sang live, cheryl mimed and she didnt even do that very well.

Posted By lily c x,

good comment xxx

Posted By ella.fay,

Cheryl Cole is well better Cher Lloyd can not sing at all

Posted By Demi Lovato123,

no shes not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it is your opinion so.....

Posted By ella.fay,

Cher all the way

Posted By iCarly_Fan1,

Cheryl won a singing competition to be in Girls Aloud and Cher was in X-Factor, neither have them would've done that if they couldn't sing. I personally don't like either, just pointing out that the public wouldn't have voted for someone who couldn't sing...

Posted By DanielleEasy95,

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