Who is a better singer


posted by Belowhell7241


Billie is the singer of green day and Justin has a little girl voice

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Come on Billie is a singer from green day

Posted By Belowhell7241,

Billie duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Posted By potterhead,

he doesnt sound like a girl so he is much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By nari,

green dat rox love them

Posted By why so serious ,

how can beiber be winning?
billie kicks asss

Posted By Murderous Temptation,

I don't know how he's winning I put this on and Thot Billie would win

Posted By Belowhell7241,

Fucking beiber fans. HE's ight but he couldn't old a candle to Billie (Y)

I love how none of the beib fans have commented. It's only because they have argument.

Posted By Olivia_1994,

Totally billie

Posted By hedleyrox,

none of them

Posted By haylien,

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