Who Has The Most Beautiful Voice?


posted by Billie123


I Think Hayley And Kurt Both Have Amazing Vocals...Tell Me What You Are Thinking

Debate It! 38

thats too hard.... i think im gonna stick with kurt though

Posted By Rach_666,

Hayley <3

Posted By orgxnicminds,

hayley all the way

Posted By devony,

who the hell is kurt cobain?????? im sticking with my girl hayley on this one! PARAMORE <3

Posted By paramorelove,

Well I am stuck between whether they mean prettier voice or not, cuz if that then hayley all the way, bet really, i gotta stick with my homie Kurt Cobain!!!

Posted By Jakalaka,

i like kurt but hayley is way better ;p

Posted By punkucats,

hayley :)

Posted By dacey loxx,

Hayley For Sure!!:D

Posted By Clair79,

Hayley. Although I think Tegan and Sara take the cake for beautiful voices.

Posted By iLoveTegan,

@paramorelove AMEN!!!!! never heard kurt cobain in my life (but i think i should have) and even if i had, nodody, NOBODY beats hayley.

Posted By chiboy_32,

idk either

Posted By ajc363,

idk either

Posted By ajc363,

idk either

Posted By ajc363,


Posted By lovelover34,

haley <3

Posted By amandaisawsome,

that is the hardest question i will ever have to answer in my entire life....beautiful isnt the right way to describe kurts voice....so im going to say hayley

Posted By acooper,

Wow.. Some people here never heard of Nirvana? You should be ashamed. Paramore is good, Nirvana is way better. I think that 20 years from now no one will remember Paramore, but 'Come As You Are' will still be heard on the radio.

Posted By NeyumiLena,

Holy hell, there are people who don't know who Kurt Cobain is? I like Paramore, but Kurt Cobain has done more for music then Paramore is ever capable of doing. Nirvana pushed an entire decade shaping genre; grunge. Which subsequently followed through to photography, writing, movies, art, fashion and design. Paramore on the other hand are simply a good band.

Posted By designkai,

I love Nirvana, but Hayley Williams wins all the way. She's my hero.

Posted By ninjacookie,

I love Nirvana, but Hayley Williams wins all the way. She's my hero.

Posted By ninjacookie,


Posted By lacey_lehman200,

Ugh I adore both bands...but I gotta pick Paramore, I gues...

Posted By GimmeSomePsycho,


Posted By Random Ninja,

I..Can't..Choose :'(

Posted By toriclydesdale,

Kurt. Can i just ask one thing? Why have some of you never heard of Cobain? WTF is wrong with you? You dont get to listen to music if you don't know this. And why are all you emo kids saying praising hayley williams? Dont get me worng she's grate but what has she really done to be your hero? And was it better than Kurt Cobain who created music history, changing sound as we know it?

Posted By Olivia_1994,

Didn't mean to put saying in there. *great.

Posted By Olivia_1994,


Posted By purplepumkin,

Hayley williams ^^

Posted By Connyvagaovnie,

but Kurt is also good! I love them both;)

Posted By Connyvagaovnie,

Kurt is amazing and if he didnt die i would be stawking him right now

Posted By cherry-pie,

OMG, i can't believe people chose the paramore chick, and most of all I cant believe some people DONT KNOW KURT?!!!!!!!!

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

how the hell is Kurt Cobain losing?! 16 - 84%!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Posted By playzoey95,

I seriously can't believe Cobain isn't ahead..what is fucking wrong with people these days? Music has gotten so horrible.

Posted By littledesi,

they both are amazing!!!!

Posted By Murderous Temptation,

Cobain FTW.

Posted By ilikebunnies,

Hayley might have the Talent, But Kurt Cobain has made History.

Posted By He23t,

How can so many people say Hayley Williams is better than Kurt Cobain?! Kurt made history, changed a generation, and 20 years on his music is still alive, in 20 years time I can 100% guarantee that Paramore will not still be going... all this new music that everyone calls 'rock' is rubbish, you are all hypnotised by this crappy modern music, NIRVANA AND KURT ALL THE WAY FOREVER.

Posted By Jade_Mason_,

Hayley over Kurt? What is wrong with people these days :/ You're all messed up in the head.

Posted By Jade_Mason_,

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