Who do you want on your side in a bar fight and the other goes on the other team?


posted by GAME_OVER100


Choose Wisely... ;)

Debate It! 7

i would honestly pick justin bieber because all he whould have to do is say baby a few hundred times and they'll be down ;]

Posted By dinosaurchicken,

i love hairy man

Posted By fajarbaru,

LOL at dinosaurchicken's comment. I picked Chuck even tho I don't really like him.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

chuck norris suck's!
justin bieber suck's more!

Posted By Sympleboy22,

Chuck Norris dont hit girls so i dont think thell fight but Chuck Norris anyway

Posted By arowley97,

Chick Norris would kick Beaver's ass

Posted By xACDCFTWx,

:D meant Chuck**

Posted By xACDCFTWx,

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