Who do u prefer? Hannah or Miley?

posted by Rock Princess


Debate It! 12

what's the difference ??

Posted By indoboy36,

Ones, a freak, sounds horrible, but not slutty. The other is a freak, sounds horrible and is slutty.

Posted By gigglegirl029,

hannah at least shes nice in the series

Posted By carol,

Miley is es gettin more and more bitchy everyday...
*shame on u*

Posted By t-yo,

neither her voice annoys me either way

Posted By iilyh-scadoosh,

they're the same person!!!!!!!!!!!! who made this coz they obviously don't pay attention to kids programmes!!!!!!!

Posted By immy1011,

odd ==

Posted By ennosu,

same people!

Posted By ChloeLeighCheesy,

None Their same what kind of question is this

Posted By flemming6,

neither her voice annoys me either way

Posted By bladus12,

She sux either way!

Posted By t3chnokitt3n,

if u guys dont like her.. why r you even voting? Gosh give it a rest

Posted By Rock Princess,

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