Who Did the Right thing (Remember the incident) ?

posted by Lugeen


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What do you mean by "did the right thing"? Like did Chris Brown do the right thing when he beat Rihanna or are you more referring to his rehab and community service? Also, what right thing from Rihanna's standpoint are you thinking of, breaking up with him?

Posted By Rebecca,

beating a girls face into a car is never ok. Just sayin'

Posted By Karla,

If you vote for the woman beater you should please out yourself and tell us why in the comments.

Posted By Actionamy,


Posted By Clair79,

@ Rebecca good question(s)

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

OK, before the incident, Rihanna had attacked Chris in the back of a club in Barbados. It didn't make the news. Why did it make the news when Rihanna was attacked. Being sexist can go both ways.

Posted By MissSkullCandy,

it isn't necessarily sexist. Boys are usually stronger and obviously chris brown is stronger than Rihanna. I dont think there was enough proof to say rihanna really hurt him. if she did it wasnt a huge problem. the guy is still standing.

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

Like basicallyyy , did Chris makee the rightt choicce when Rihanna did that too him ??

Posted By Lugeen,

I think it was Rihannas fault also, but man you just DONT hit a girl. Though, yes, Chris did grow up in a bad situ with his mom being hit too i guess but still.

Posted By TheeIdaaMariee,

chris brown done the right thing . told the bitchs whats what . fucking good cunt

Posted By JimMorrison,

I'm betting JimMorrison doesn't do too well with the ladies.

Posted By Actionamy,

i fink chris did the right fing..rihanna shudnt of exactly dun dat anyway ! if it werent for her , none of dis wouldve ven happened :/

Posted By Lugeen,

Don't like either but as some previous comments said, you don't just do that to someone
Don't particularly like either tbh

Posted By toriclydesdale,

I was raised that if a girl hits a man we should get our ass kicked but a man to just up and hit a woman he needs his balls cut off !!!

Posted By MsRennea,

chris all the way

Posted By somethingtrue,

haha laughed at Actionamy's comment....anyway Its not right to hit a girl!!

Posted By bunny0974,

poor rihanna

Posted By polkadots1991,

Neither of them did the right thing. It's not right to beat ANYBODY, regardless of gender. It is less common for girls because they are generally less built, but it's still abuse and isn't right.

Posted By littledesi,

i dont know love both! <3

Posted By beebs,

I pick Rihanna.. aww. All guys should know that you CAN'T hit a girl.

Posted By walienandbelieber4life,

Hahahaha..... actinonomy's comment is so funny and you are right actinonomy JimMorrison probably isn't good with the ladies.. haha!

Posted By walienandbelieber4life,

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