Which would you rather do, have sex with your daughter, or have sex with your dad???


posted by amaloney3113


i want to know what would be a betta thing to do if i was ever forced in to it so please vote...thank you xoxo-Ashlee

Debate It! 8

r u serious???

Posted By gorgepoezrocks ,

uuuuhhhh wtf? same question as gorgepoerocks...

Posted By GAME_OVER100,

Um, what?

Posted By lockheed40,

amm...seriusly what the fuck?, it's a weird question, btw, why do somebody would be forced to have sex with his daughter?, anyway, it's funny XD

Posted By Shakra Kuran,


Posted By princess Laa'laa,

Option 3: Impale myself on something.

Posted By GillianKate,

I agree with Gillian.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

id rather be shot in the face

Posted By tikaboo3,

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