Which would you rather date, Butterface or Butterbody?


posted by thundercat832


(This goes for the ladies too!) Which would you date, a person with an AWESOME BODY and a ugly mug...or a person with a KILLER FACE and a not so hot body?

Debate It! 8

Tough one!

Posted By matt,

I know lmfao had to make my first TOT a doozy!

Posted By thundercat832,

Tough! I guess you look at the face more. And what if you get a good body and it goes downhill? Then you got nada

Posted By Karla,

You can always throw different threads on a whacked out bod to make it look presentable (I know this because I do this on a daily basis with my shit). But a butta-face? If you got a bag over it, ding dong will be bumping into shit and drawing even MORE attention to the ugly mug.

Posted By Reckmonster,

butterface, hands down. there are SO many other places to look at other than the face area, and still have a jolly good time!

Posted By blueshifter,

There's nothing a plastic bag cant handle

Posted By Scarface,

if i was a guy butterface

Posted By bryanna,

Butter Face looks like a prostitute....

Posted By violetkessy9,

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