Which would you rather be without for 24 hours? The Internet or Food?


posted by DinaJ


Would it be more difficult to go without the Internet for 24 hours or fast for 24 hours? If you're online right now, the choice may be harder than you think!

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Yeah.. I have to go with food.. That no internet stuff will kill ya.

Posted By rrolfe,


Posted By DinaJ,

I meant to say "go without" Wish I could edit. :-)

Posted By DinaJ,

I would go without the Internet. It's like taking a vacation and being totally cut off...sounds relaxing!

Posted By Arista Spas,

No internet? Blasphemy. Going to have to go with food.

Posted By jalbrecht2000,

Arista: I will admit that the last time I went on vacation, I wasn't online much and it felt pretty good. If I'm in paradise, I don't want to be online. ;-)

Posted By DinaJ,

I went without food on a cleanse for 30 days (just water and teas) and that is easier than a whole day of no internet.!!!

Posted By Nankani,

I already go without food consumption because the internet consumes my hunger.

Posted By Volatile,

I'd drop food for sure. Food doesn't provide me with pictures of goats on skateboards.

Posted By oatmeal,

I can't really decide. I could do without both and do at least once a week.

Posted By jmlares,

Use the internet to buy you food FTW!

Posted By AnubisibunA,

Definitely drop food. I mean, I've done it before... since I have to fast for 25 hours for Yom Kippur anyway.

Posted By rachelllllll,

I'd go without food. If I were left to sit around without internet, and got bored with TV, I'd be driven to eat from boredom. :( If I chose food.

Posted By ashbow,

We religious jews we abstain from Internet for 25 hours every week, and on Yom Kippur, we abstain from both. Frankly, the not eating is a lot harder than the no internet.

Posted By jrothmanshore,

I can read food recipes and see delicious pictures using the internet, but I can't check my email using a chicken drumstick!!!!

Posted By ma2moun,

I'd rather go without food..

Posted By Kenharnie<3,

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