Which Shoe Brand Is Better?

posted by Ricardo


Debate It! 14

NIkee all Thaa way xxx

Posted By SkuxxieG,

i love nikes

Posted By audy,

MacBeths. :) Nikes, if I had to choose.

Posted By iLoveTegan,


Posted By Tayebenrique,

Nikes. They're much stronger. Really.

Posted By dutchieex,

nikes gonna win they beast its the only brand of shoe i use cuz its the best

Posted By spm#1,

listen to rev run ;)

Posted By R Y /-\ I\I,

nike shox all the way

Posted By kyconway,

Adidas has made a genuine effort to adhere to a code of ethical conduct where child labor is concerned. Also kids can't sew for shit, so Adidas all the way.

Posted By Actionamy,

Adidas FTW Best track spikes ever

Posted By ilightningbolt,


Posted By bunny0974,

i love nike but my addidas are a chick magnet wait do people still say that

Posted By heraldez77,


Posted By Murderous Temptation,

Afidas since I dont kids tears on my shoes

Posted By psubound66,

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