Which rock band do you prefer, Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones?


posted by Harvitola


Clash of the titans, Jimmy VS Keith, Robert VS Mick. Who do you prefer?

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both are great(: rolling stones has my vote, tho(:

Posted By fairydust&jukeboxes,

I just finished watching "The Song Remains the Same" and it blew my effing mind so for now it's Led Zepplin.

Posted By Actionamy,


Posted By jogden,

Robert Plant for LZ is my second cousin :P

Posted By cass,

Led Zeppelin. The stones were great but Zeppelin wins.

Posted By matt,

is this a fucking joke ? Led is amazing ! fuck rolling stones . they are gay as diiks

Posted By JimMorrison,

rolling stones...never herd of lz

Posted By lacey_lehman200,

ZEP <3

Posted By ih3artmusic13,

zepplin wins fatality

Posted By heraldez77,

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