Which picture of me I'm hot? The picture that I spit or I just sit?


posted by CatCatSweetCat



Debate It! 21

just sit

Posted By justin beanber,

You look younger than I expected.... how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

Posted By XxJessieJRocksxX,

Im 10 ;D

Posted By CatCatSweetCat,

cul me 2

Posted By lollylol,

o ye if wonderin my picture is of my sister in ireland wen snow

Posted By lollylol,


Posted By CatCatSweetCat,


Posted By CatCatSweetCat,

if your 10 why are you using the phrase hot your 10 hunny you dont need to post yourself on the internet

Posted By Lovemehatemenevertryandchangeme,

...That's a disturbing question for your age...

Posted By NataNyx,

You cannot be "hot" when you are 10. Anyone giving you this qualicative is a pedophile.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

MarieP, you said everything I was going to say.

Posted By GillianKate,

plus you arn't even pass puberty

Posted By SMD,


Posted By dinosaurchicken,

you are 10. 10 year olds are not hot,ok. pretty is a more appropriate word for you to use.

Posted By elgi3,

Man,I Have A Boyfriend!!!I Hate It When People Says What I Must Do!!! FCK!!!!!

Posted By CatCatSweetCat,

ye i wear make up and im 10

Posted By lollylol,

CatCat, you make no sense.

Posted By GillianKate,

you have a boyfriend and your ten? wtf is our generation coming to?

Posted By dashaa,

Our society is full of ultra sexualised children, this world is becoming very very pedophile friendly. Can you blame the little girls? It's the slippery slope. There is a theory that when a population becomes too dense, people start having self destructive habits in order to lower the density of population. It was observed in rats, when there are too many, they start having mental problems, eating each other, committing acts of pedophilia, etc. That's what is happening to us.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,


Posted By helenekeuh,

Sweetheart, you're ten. Don't grow up too fast, enjoy being young. You don't need to feel "hot" or have a boyfriend at the age of 10. Get past middle school first...

Posted By kelseyheartsya,

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