Which one to Win, an 8GB iPod Touch or 13" Macbook Pro (The grand prize)


posted by barifromsd


I am excited to enter this contest and keeping my fingers crossed for the BEST.

Debate It! 5

I would like either but the touch is on my son's wish list.

Posted By idahomom,

I voted for the touch, not sure if the votes are counted, it's at 34 now and I signed in before I voted. Good Luck

Posted By av53328,

Thanks idahomom & av53328 and all my friends who voted for my entry :) Luv u guys

Posted By barifromsd,

I think I voted, hope it went through ok. Good Luck!

Posted By 2boysblue,

I voted for the macbook. Good luck @jadenruby

Posted By malleycc,

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