Which one is worse?

posted by 17swhite


Debate It! 9

You don't have to listen to zombies complain.

Posted By lockheed40,

I'm so tired of both of these. Bring on the nanobot apocalypse.

Posted By jogden,

Its a tough decision i love them both...do the vampires sparkle? I dont like my vampires to sparkle...oh and do they kill stuff, i like them to kill stuff

Posted By Panda,

depends on the vampire version. Anne Rice's vamps were pretty, but no sex. Angel turned bad with sex. Twilight vamps can have sex but they will almost kill you if you're human. On the zombie side I don't think there is ever a chance for sex, just brain devouring, so I think I'd rather meet a vampire.

Posted By Karla,

whats worse? zombies+vampires+werewolves or justin beiber. someone make that

Posted By Someoneudontknow,

this looks more like zombies or Lady GaGa

Posted By chaz181,

If you're going to say worse as in unlikely to kill before you die yourself, I'd go with vampires. But I could totally last a zombie apocalypse. I spend at least an hour a day thinking about zombies.

Posted By GimmeSomePsycho,

depends are we talking sparkly vegeterian vampires or real vampires

Posted By heraldez77,

If by worse you mean more retarded because of big fat fads, then vampires.

Posted By MyonMallow,

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