Which one is more difficult to play?


posted by Royals27


So, I love music, and I wanted to know which one, in opinions, is harder to play. I have seen both being played before, and I think it's a hell of a lot harder to play drums than guitar. But, maybe guitar is harder in opinions of you guys.

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I think drums are hard to play because of the coordination of your hands and additionally your feet.

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Posted By orgxnicminds,

i know many people who play drums and they say it isn't easy at all. drums may look easy but it is really hard. guitar is hard to learn, but it is easier than drums.

Posted By broadwayroxs,

guitar is harder to learn but drums are harder to play well and right after learning to play guitar its mostly memory drums require a little more coordination less muscle memory and more practice

Posted By sledgehammer1035,

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