Who's cooler, Jason Derulo or Chris Brown?


posted by fred36@live.ie


Which artist do you think is cooler, Chris Brown or Jason Derulo?

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Hard to decide :/ prob.... chris brown cuz hes been around longer

Posted By dadeadpool11,

jason derulo for sure! :) technically, i'd love chris brown too, but since he did that sh*t to poor rihanna, ahem? back in 2009, i gave up on him. sooo, jason derulo all the way!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

I love them both, and I love Chris Brown even more for what he did to Rihanna, so i'm going to have to go with Chris Brown.

Posted By ThatOneAhmerikan,

I cant decide D:

Posted By UntouchableSickness,

jason derulo all the way!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

jason derulo

Posted By Monkey D. Luffy,

I'm going for the singer that didn't beat the crap out of his girlfriend.

Posted By firebird963,


Posted By Monkey D. Luffy,

jason derulo all the way!!!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

@ThatOneAhmerikan You must be a sicko for liking someone even more because he beat up his girlfriend!

Posted By Kitkatenie,

SO EASY JAY DERULO :). HE IS AWESOME :). And I have hated Chris Brown after I heard that he bet up Rihanna,, I felt so bad for her because I love her alot :)!!

Posted By walienandbelieber4life,

tht is not a pic of chris brown idiot

Posted By imawesome9,

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