Which One is better looking Jeydon Wale or JustinBieber ?xoxo


posted by xoxPhoebexox


I love both of them but Tbh justin has grown up and jeydin hasnt soorry :| xoxox

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Ew, why would anyone think Justin is good looking?

Posted By XxJordanHxX,

Jayden Wale

Posted By XxAnonomousxX,

i guess, anyone who isnt jb? :D

Posted By MusicalQueen,

I don't know who Jayden Wale is but I'll vote for him xD

Posted By MikeEdwards,


Posted By CookieNinja,

*JEYDON .. Doesnt grow up because he is a care free person <3

Posted By Foreverally,

Who is that one kid .... jb ....don't even get me started

Posted By kblazin21,

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