which one do you use?


posted by myredsocksareawesome


firefox <3 :p

Debate It! 6

Indeed. After using firefox, there's no way I could EVER turn back to IE.
Evidently the majority (so far), have yet to experience how much better firefox is~ CX

Posted By MyonMallow,

niether! i have a mac and safari is pretty good actually its much faster than these browser things.
but you cant do cartoon yourself or anything on it. but still good n fast!

Posted By Cutepuppy,

(safari is the mac version of firefox etc.)

Posted By Cutepuppy,

Chrome is better!

Posted By dylancayleb,

firefox is better if i had to choose but chrome and safari r better

Posted By saycheesesucka102,

Google chrome.

Posted By One Direction xx,

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