Which one do you find more annoying?


posted by GAME_OVER100


As long as these two characters have existed they have pissed off, upset, frustrated and annoyed every body who has run into them. The dog laughing and mocking you for missing and losing the ducks, you're mad enough you don't need some punk ass cartoon making fun of you for it, you wish you had the ammo to just put that dog down. For this random little paperclip who comes to bother when you are actually doing your homework, trying to help telling you what you can't do and just won't go away. Even though both of these douches annoy the hell out of you, and create this dark urge to kill them, there has to be one that definately shouldn't have been created, but which one?

Debate It! 2


Posted By fajarbaru,

Paperclip dude is awesome!!!

Posted By StefaniHasGoneGaga,

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