which one direction boy is fitter harry or louis???

posted by Anney


Debate It! 6

None of them are fit

Posted By xxMonicaxox,

i actuly have no idea si ill just vote harry sos louis luv you guys xox <3

Posted By hennypenny101,

Hmmm hard 1... Probz Louis

Posted By One Direction xx,

i fink harry but louis is soooooo fit too

Posted By Anney,

I just love harry so much so he gets my vote in everything

Posted By XOkrazi_chikXO,

I love them both; but if i had to see one of them naked it'd be harry. One thing, he's sexy, second thing, if i chose louis i think eleanor would go all eleanor on me and i love her soo<3

Posted By BebeKody,

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