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Debate It! 10

I know it's gross but I like Miracle Whip.

Posted By Rebecca,

Neither, its only Dukes and my house!

Posted By joehall,

Can't say I've ever had dukes? It's good?

Posted By matt,

hellmann's for me (though I know it as Best Foods since I grew up on the west coast)

Posted By Jon,

miracle whip.

Posted By smoothhippo,

I feel very strongly on this subject. MAYO. And it must be Hellman's. None of the light/lite crap either.

Posted By zanvia,

Yeah Matt its good. True story.

Posted By joehall,

MAYO all the way...Miracle whip is just nasty!!

Posted By anjela,


Posted By fajarbaru,

ive never tried miracle whip. in fact, ive never heard of it.

Posted By jas97,

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