Which JB Pic Is HOTTER? !!!


posted by X JustinBieber X


Which Jb pic do u think is hotter i would say both becuase he is so hott and i am so keen to go to his concert on may the 3rd 2011 Eeeeeeep SO Excited xx <3

Debate It! 8

theyre both gay... its justin bieber

Posted By Louis804,

so true dude

Posted By CelloJello,

well i think they're both hawt

Posted By xx-Dig-xx,

SHE is disgusting ans SO GAY!!! :L

Posted By burgy<3paramore,

ewww he's hanging :/

Posted By rachiieeexxxx katy perry fan x,

either way the pictures are both ugly. justin beiber is ugly. just ugly. that is all.

Posted By Katieboychuk,

justin beiber is a boy? i thought he was a girl

Posted By ffcookies,

J B is gay with his little girl voice

Posted By Belowhell7241,

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