Which is worse ??? Plz comment

posted by lola126


Debate It! 13

Wow, no love for the Bieber.

Posted By lockheed40,

Poor Bieber...

Posted By matt,

How can hate Justin Bieber? Dog poop is worst!!!!!!!!!

Posted By theaacoolgreek,

i dont hate him hes just a terrible singer

Posted By emily2,

Dog poop is friggin disgusting its smells nasty && is just sooo ewww!! Justin Bieber is so much better like serioulsly && he can sing. I don't see all the haters out there being a famous singer at all.

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

the beebs is ok, but he needs to sing songs more appropriate for his age, like mary had a little lamb

Posted By imanerd,

I would rather eat dog poop than have to endure ANY Bieber-nonsense.

Posted By AlabamaMourning,

For all the mockery, Justin seems like a sweet kid.

Posted By Karla,

hey LAUREN its kayla

Posted By cookie monster,

@Karla. I agree. I think the hysteria around him is ridiculous, his fans are borderline psychotic and his talent is marginal at best. Otherwise, he does seem like a nice little guy.

Posted By Actionamy,

@Actionamy Hmm...im pretty sure his fans aren't boderline psychotic im thinkin u are like seriously get a life && quit talkin crap about someone whos actully someone in life a famous singer. I don't think ive ever heard of u....Oh wait nope i haven't cuz ur not a famous singer.

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

^^^ Stop stressing over what people think about bieber... no one cares!

Posted By stech01,

justin is 100000000000000000000 times worst then poo

Posted By bubbly.blue.eyes,

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