Which is worse for your health, overweight or underweight


posted by JennaGermain


Some people have a problem with over-eating and some people have a problem with intentionally not eating enough. Which problem is the most detrimental to your health? (not saying which is more predominant, but on a case by case basis which is worse for you)

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Wow, it's a close match right now. Apparently, we're feeling that the starving in other countries are doing better than abundantly fed Americans. I personally voted underweight is less healthy because at least the fat have something to live off of if food suddenly stops being abundant. The underweight would be totally screwed pretty quick if they lose access to food for even a little bit.

Posted By JennaGermain,

Wen ur overweight, it mean u might ended up sitting all day and couldnt move farther, and if underweiht ull starve to death

Posted By wonkadeppluver14,

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