posted by CookieNinja


gosh wooow i look diff now

Debate It! 6

I ment emo -_-

Posted By CookieNinja,

Emo people DISGUST me!!! You are very wierd and demonistic!!! no body likes you emo wierdos!!

Posted By KrissyH1441,

^^^^^ You never know what some people go through!! What you said is very, very rude and disrespectful. Before you judge her life, take a good look at your own.

I think your emo picture is very pretty:)

Posted By BebeKody,

omg thank you much bebeKody and leave me alone you dont even know who i am

Posted By CookieNinja,

I like your skater pic best :)

Posted By MikeEdwards,

thanks :)

Posted By CookieNinja,

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