which is more important eating or having healthcare?


posted by TheLungman


Anyone can walk into any Emergency Dept and receive free care, by law. So why can't anyone walk into whole foods, pick a grocery cart full and walk out without paying?

Debate It! 8

Well if you don't have good healthcare you could die and food wouldn't be that important lol

But serious, do you have a problem with free healthcare?.

Posted By L.,

Ahh but if you dont eat you dont live! And as to free healthcare - nothing is free. In countries in which SOCIALIZED medicine works the tax rate can be 65% of earnings - look in the Nordic regions of the world. And in Canada where healthcare is universal - when the populus really needs something and CAN AFFORD it they come to the United States. In Great Britain which also has socialized medicine, if you can afford it you can get private insurance and the care you need, otherwise if you are older than a certain age on the common mans insurance you cannot have dialysis and die! How about people also taking responsibility for their own actions - if you smoke, are overweight etc and cause your own disease then why should everyone pay for YOUR care?

Posted By TheLungman,

You can live two weeks without food, you good die in less then that if you dont have good healthcare :P lol.

SOCIALIZED Medicine is not evil lol. You also seek healthcare right? then how come you are complaining ?someone else $TAX is covering you to. It's selfish out look, I don't mind if a % of my Tax goes towards helping someone else and I am sure its the same in most of those countrys that you have named.

Posted By L.,

also thanks for the fox news report lol

Posted By L.,

I complain about the things that are wrong, and healthcare in the united states is the best in the world, why else would people come to this country for high tech care. high tech and socialism do not go together. the VA system is perfectly socialized, if it does not exist in that system, you are NOT entitled to it! hmm that would make the VA perfect based on what you are saying - and not EVIL. Tell that to the veterans who die because they do not get the level of care available in the real world. oh BTW i have worked in the VA system, i speak from post-judice.

Posted By TheLungman,

healthcare In america is the best in the world? since when? lol. I sense bias opinion, I am not about to leave my country anytime soon.

Veterans? so I can see that we are on the same page, you mean people that have been involve in Gobal Conflict? so we make it clear thats all . So on to the question, I have respect for the man and women that protect are home front but the problems you state would not be a real issue if the "Government" didn' t send them to ridiculous wars and people would not support unjust conflict.

its laughable when americas go on about "Socialism and how Evil Communism is" with alot of them having no real understanding (look at Nam) FDR was a Socialist or at the most had Socialist ideas.

Posted By L.,


Posted By howhigh33,

"Thelungman" your basing your facts on nonsense.. "high tech and socialism do not go together" what on earth are you talking about? Why are you so opposed to the idea of helping the poor?
Oh and unlike "L" I have no respect for your "veterans" people who mindlessly go out into the world fighting unjust wars, murdering millions of people do not deserve respect. ^^

Oh and the best health care in the world is debatable.

Posted By Ajahn,

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