Which is more fun?


posted by FeliciaHumanoid


I like Christmas for the family gathering, but I like my birthday cos of the gifts lol. Plus... I kinda like getting older by the year. You vote and decide. :)

Debate It! 7


Posted By Reks,

Christmas! Family, presents and big turkey dinner! :D

Posted By MikeEdwards,

my birthday cuz im one year closer to moving out

Posted By imawesome9,

My birthday because it's on new years. :-]
That and my family doesn't do Christmas. I've always wanted to though. :3

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

CHRISTMAS and OMG u never had christmas????? O.O

Posted By itachi1810,

Birthday because everyone pays me attention :)

Posted By Nandia,

ok my bday is really Decenber 3 so... IDK...well christmas we all eat and watch me open presents!!!witch is odd but they all sit around and talk while i am sooo happy getting stuff and every once in a while they look up when i SCREAM cut i got what i wanted!!!

Posted By auroradee99,

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